Ice River Green Bottle Co.

We believe bottled water can have a positive impact on the environment. Ice River Green Bottle Co. was the first company to recycle their own bottles...and ultimately everybody else's.




Master Brand


Case Study: Dual Branding Challenge for Ice River


To establish a clear distinction between the product brand (bottled water) and the master brand (sustainability-focused manufacturer) while ensuring both resonate with the company's core values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.


Ice River Springs, a leading bottled water brand, was expanding its horizons by acquiring other sustainability- focused businesses. The dual challenge was to create a distinct identity for the bottled water while also developing a master brand that encapsulated the broader vision of the company beyond just water.

Solution for Product Brand - Ice River Green Bottle Co.

  1. Name: "Ice River Green Bottle Co." was chosen to reflect the purity and freshness of the water (Ice River) and the company's commitment to sustainability (Green Bottle). The retention of ‘Ice River’ in the name maintained a connection to the master brand, ensuring continuity and leveraging the reputation built with retailers and consumers.
  2. Logo Design: The logo portrays a pristine river flowing through a green bottle, symbolizing the harmony between the product and the environment. The green color emphasizes the brand's eco-friendly approach, while the flowing water signifies freshness and purity.

Solution for Master Brand - Ice River Sustainable Solutions

  1. Name: "Ice River Sustainable Solutions" was chosen to retain the equity of the original bottled water brand while broadening its scope to encompass the company's focus on sustainability and its ventures into other eco-friendly businesses.
  2. Logo Design: The logo incorporates calligraphic brush strokes representing natural elements, with the name "Ice River" signifying the company's roots. The 'loop' colors, vibrant and lively, are grounded with the deep blue of Ice River, reflecting the company's 'green loop' philosophy.


The dual branding strategy effectively communicated the company's commitment to both product quality and broader environmental goals. Ice River Green Bottle Co. has continued to grow and is now a dominant national brand. Ice River Sustainable Solutions has likewise grown through numerous acquisitions and its market reach is extending globally with several of its innovations.

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