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‍Rebranding is more than just a visual makeover; it's about realigning an institution's essence with its core values and audience.

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Case Study: Rebranding Joseph Brant Hospital


Joseph Brant Hospital, once a beacon of healthcare in the community, found itself grappling with a tarnished reputation. With the nation's longest emergency wait times and a devastating c-difficile outbreak, the hospital was in dire need of a fresh start. As it embarked on a 6-year redevelopment and expansion under new leadership, the institution recognized the need for a strategic rebranding to rebuild and restore community trust.


The crux of the challenge was encapsulated in the simple truth: "Broken Trust." The community, which felt a profound sense of ownership and responsibility towards the hospital, was grappling with feelings of betrayal. This sentiment was magnified by the recent events. However, amidst this despair, there was a silver lining. The community's sense of ownership also fostered a desire to forgive and believe in the hospital's future. But for this to happen, they needed a compelling reason to look forward and not dwell on the past.


Central to Joseph Brant Hospital's identity was its deep-rooted connection with the community. Recognizing this, we crafted the new positioning: "Our New Era." This wasn't just a slogan; it was a commitment to the future. By dropping "Memorial" from the hospital's name, we symbolized a fresh start. The new visual identity was modern, optimistic, and forward-looking, reflecting the hospital's renewed commitment to its community. We launched a comprehensive campaign that highlighted tangible improvements in Quality Care, Safety, and Customer Service, ensuring that every touchpoint echoed the promise of a brighter future.


The rebranding initiative was transformative. It wasn't just about a new name or logo; it was about reshaping perceptions. The new branding deeply resonated, both externally with the community and internally with the hospital's staff. Employees, once hesitant to display their association with the hospital, now wore their badges with pride. The community, once disillusioned, now felt a renewed sense of pride and trust in their hospital.


Rebranding is more than just a visual makeover; it's about realigning an institution's essence with its core values and audience. Joseph Brant Hospital's rebranding journey stands as a testament to the power of understanding one's community, addressing core issues, and presenting a renewed vision that resonates and rebuilds trust.

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