Seymours Sangria

Late to the party, sangria is possibly the last beverage alcohol to present a cleaner, more authentic, and real beverage to consumers.

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Case Study: Seymours Sangria


In the ever-evolving world of alcoholic beverages, Sangria has long been a staple, known for its fruity flavors and rich heritage. However, as consumer preferences shift towards cleaner, more transparent, and health-conscious choices, there was a clear gap in the market. Enter Seymours Sangria - a provocative, engaging, and trendsetting brand that promises quality without compromise.


While vodka, tequila, and other spirits have seen a renaissance in branding, aligning with modern consumer values, Sangria remained trapped in traditional and often overly sweet formulations. The challenge was to reinvent Sangria, making it relevant, desirable, and in line with the "no crap" ethos of today's discerning drinkers.


Clean and Provocative Branding:

Name - Seymours Sangria is personable, not corporate, befitting a handcrafted product. It's also a fun and memorable moniker.

Packaging - minimalistic black and white design, exuding elegance and simplicity.

Iconography - simple icons communicate the brand's values. The 'hand-crafted sangria' symbol, featuring line-drawn hands making universally recognized gestures like 'ok' and 'peace', adds a touch of playfulness and relatability.

Messaging - phrases like "small batch sangria" accompanied by a hand making a measurement symbol emphasize the brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Engaging - the brand isn't just about drinking; it's about an experience. The line-drawn visuals not only look good, but also engage the consumer, inviting them to be a part of the Seymours community.


Seymours Sangria successfully positioned itself as a forward-thinking brand, capturing the attention of both traditional Sangria lovers and new-age consumers. Its commitment to quality, combined with its fresh branding approach, set it apart in a crowded market.

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