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Annual Report

Case Study: The Next 36 Brand Development


Canada's Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative, a not-for-profit organization, embarked on a mission to elevate Canadian prosperity by nurturing the nation's next wave of high impact entrepreneurs. With a vision to transform the entrepreneurial landscape in Canada, the organization faced the challenge of establishing a strong brand identity that resonated with its target audience.


To create a compelling brand identity that would attract the brightest young entrepreneurs, donors, and partners, and position the organization as a leading entrepreneurial development program in Canada.

Project Deliverables

  1. Stakeholder Research: Understand the needs, aspirations, and challenges faced by young Canadian entrepreneurs.
  2. Donor Research: Identify potential donors and understand their motivations for supporting entrepreneurial initiatives.
  3. Positioning/Brand Strategy: Develop a unique brand positioning that differentiates The Next 36 from other entrepreneurial programs.
  4. Creative Development: Design a visual identity that captures the essence of the organization.
  5. Rollout: Launch the new brand identity across various platforms.
  6. Implementation: Ensure consistent brand representation across all touchpoints.
  7. Ongoing Creative Development: Continuously evolve the brand to stay relevant and impactful.

The Challenge

Despite its ambitious vision, The Next 36 lacked a distinctive brand and identity. The organization needed to resonate with a generation of entrepreneurs seeking the intensity of Silicon Valley but within a Canadian context.

The Solution

Naming & Identity: "The Next 36" was developed as the name, adding intrigue and creating an air of exclusivity. This name encapsulated the organization's mission to select and nurture 36 of the most promising entrepreneurs each year.

Brand Strategy: The strategy revolved around the core insight that while Canadians aspired to roles in established tech companies, they lacked the ambition to create the next big tech giant. The Next 36 aimed to change this mindset.

Creative Development: Bob’s Your Uncle developed the visual identity, capturing the attention of both budding entrepreneurs and potential donors. The design elements emphasized the exclusivity and prestige associated with being part of The Next 36.

Rollout & Implementation: The new brand identity was consistently rolled out across various platforms, from fundraising events to recruitment drives. Every touchpoint, from pull-up banners to t-shirts, echoed the brand's ethos.


Since its inception, The Next 36 has witnessed exponential growth:

  • Attracted a significant list of donors and mentors.
  • Supported dozens of successful startups.
  • Garnered hundreds of mentions in national media.
  • Launched The Next Founders program for entrepreneurs already running startups.
  • Announced plans for two new programs - leading to a brand evolution to brand the new programs (Next Founders and Next AI) and create a master brand (Next) - all developed by Bob's Your Uncle


The Next 36's brand development journey underscores the power of a well thought out brand strategy and creative execution. By understanding the aspirations of young Canadian entrepreneurs and positioning itself as the platform to realize those dreams, The Next 36 has firmly established itself as a beacon of entrepreneurial excellence in Canada.

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