Yorkshire Valley Farms

Making organic even more attractive

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Yorkshire Valley Farms: A Case Study on Rebranding through Consumer-Centric Approach


Yorkshire Valley Farms has been on a mission to better communities and the planet through offering organic chicken, turkey, and eggs. The company is built on a network of family-run farms where poultry and egg-laying hens are raised to the highest organic standards, a practice sustained for generations. The brand is committed to a regenerative organic revolution, aiming to produce delicious organic food while building long-term agricultural and community resilience.


To revitalize the brand packaging based on consumer research to identify the most compelling health, nutrition, and sustainability claims, and to determine the most visually appealing approach to packaging.


A comprehensive consumer research was conducted involving the following steps:

  1. Identifying Key Claims: Through surveys and focus groups, a series of health, nutrition, and sustainability claims were identified and ranked based on consumer preferences.
  2. Visual Approaches Testing: Different visual approaches to the packaging were developed and tested through A/B testing to determine the most compelling design.
  3. On-shelf Testing: The new packaging designs were tested on-shelf to gauge real-time consumer responses.


The rebranding initiative led to the following outcomes:

  1. Consumer Preferences: The research ascertained that consumers were most compelled by claims highlighting the organic and regenerative farming practices of Yorkshire Valley Farms.
  2. Visual Appeal: The visual approach that resonated the most with consumers was one that depicted the farm-to-table journey, emphasizing the organic commitment of the brand.
  3. Sales Impact: The launch of the new packaging on-shelf led to an immediate 15% increase in sales, showcasing a positive reception from consumers.


The rebranding initiative by Yorkshire Valley Farms, grounded in consumer research, has not only revitalized the brand image but also fostered a deeper connection with consumers by aligning the packaging with the values that are most important to them. The substantial increase in sales post-launch is a testament to the success of this consumer-centric approach to rebranding.

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