Saving the world one beer at a time

Wouldn't it be great if you could reduce food waste by drinking beer? Now you can!

The Story

Brand, Packaging

Three cans of Been A Slice craft beer on a bread board with three cases in the background.

Two cans of Been A Slice beer on a bread board with bread slices in the background.


An advertising board of three cans of Been A Slice beer and a slogan “Beer brought back from the bread”.


Documentary Film (7 minutes)

Earned Media

Case Study: "Been A Slice" - Turning Food Waste into a Delicious Conversation


To elevate awareness about food waste and promote the mission of Second Harvest.


Brands that merge purpose with enjoyable and sociable experiences tend to achieve higher engagement rates.

The Big Idea

What if we could turn the most wasted food product into something enjoyable, sociable, and purposeful? Enter "Been A Slice" - a beer brewed from wasted bread. This wasn't just a beer, it was a statement. A story of resurrection, of turning waste into wonder, and of making a difference while enjoying life's simple pleasures.

The Campaign

  • Brand Creation: Developed the "Been A Slice" brand identity. Designed unique packaging that narrated the food waste story.
  • Creative Campaign: Launched an engaging campaign highlighting the 'resurrection' of bread into beer.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Collaborated with brewers and bakers for beer production. Secured listings with LCBO, Beer Store, Loblaws, and local establishments. Partnered with BSH Canada for a launch venue and a media company for expansive media coverage.
  • Media Launch: Organized a captivating media event at the brewery, sparking curiosity with a "how'd they do that" theme.
  • Influencer Engagement: Hosted a tasting event for over 100 influencers, turning them into brand ambassadors.
  • Digital Presence: Rolled out social media campaigns on Instagram and Facebook. Launched a quirky web portal to share the brand's journey.
  • Merchandising: Released T-shirts with playful, irreverent messages, turning wearers into walking brand promoters.
  • Documentary: Produced a 7-minute mini-film, offering a journalistic deep dive into the beer's creation and its societal impact.

The Impact

  • Garnered nearly $500,000 in contributions from partners.
  • Achieved extensive media coverage, including features in Forbes, CBC TV, Global, City TV, and international outlets.
  • Amassed an online readership/viewership of over 280 million.
  • Engaged over 100 influencers, leading to a cascade of social shares.
  • The initial production run sold out within months, surpassing expectations.
  • What was envisioned as a one-time initiative saw such success that "Been A Slice" is now being considered for national distribution.
  • Engaged thousands of Canadians, turning every beer sold into a conversation about food waste.
  • The brand was showcased at the global Food & Beverage Innovation Forum in China, amplifying its international presence.
  • Forbes 'World Changing Ideas' award winner.


"Been A Slice" is a testament to the power of purposeful branding. By merging a societal issue with a beloved pastime, the campaign not only raised awareness about food waste, but also offered a tangible solution. It's a reminder that when brands think outside the box, they can create ripples of change, one beer at a time.

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