Nothing _______ like a Bosch

We know nothing gets the heart of the home racing more than German engineering and European design.




Case Study: Bosch - Extending the Premium Brand's Product Breadth


Bosch, a brand synonymous with quality and innovation, has always been a leader in the premium dishwasher market. Known for producing the world's quietest dishwasher, Bosch had successfully captured the hearts of consumers. However, a significant portion of the Canadian market remained unaware of Bosch's comprehensive range of kitchen appliances.


With the introduction of a new suite of appliances, Bosch aimed to shift perception and position itself not just as a dishwasher brand, but as the go-to brand for a complete dream kitchen.


Modern kitchens have evolved from mere functional spaces to become the centerpiece of homes. A premium kitchen is often seen as a reflection of a premium home. The uniformity in appliance branding across the kitchen not only ensures consistent quality, but also elevates the aesthetic appeal. This insight led to the realization that consumers seek sophistication and uniformity in their kitchen spaces.

Creative Strategy

Tagline:"Nothing _____ like a Bosch" This adaptable tagline was designed to highlight the versatility and superiority of Bosch appliances. Whether it's cleaning, grilling, steaming, ventilating, or refrigerating, Bosch stands unparalleled.


The campaign showcased captivating images of elegantly designed kitchens, emphasizing the seamless integration of Bosch appliances. The visuals drew a parallel between Bosch's renowned dishwasher and its entire product range, reinforcing the brand's consistency in delivering excellence.

Integrated Campaign

  • Print/Digital/Social/In-store: A multi-channel approach ensured maximum reach and engagement.
  • App for Kitchen Designers: An intuitive app was launched to assist kitchen designers in specifying Bosch appliances
  • Interactive Web Gallery: A curated gallery of exquisite kitchen designs was hosted online. Interactive keywords linked to Bosch's innovative features, educating consumers about the brand's offerings.
  • Social Media Contest: Engaging contests on social platforms challenged consumers to identify campaign-related keywords, with the grand prize being a complete Bosch kitchen.


The campaign's impact was both immediate and profound:

  • There was a marked increase in brand awareness and purchase intent for Bosch's range of kitchen appliances.
  • The 'Nothing like a Bosch' contest witnessed a staggering 84,348 entries, indicating high consumer engagement.
  • Bosch's Facebook page garnered over 37,000 new likes, amplifying its digital presence.
  • Most importantly, sales surpassed forecasts, reaffirming the campaign's success in reshaping consumer perceptions.


By understanding the evolving role of kitchens in modern homes and leveraging this insight creatively, Bosch successfully expanded its brand perception. The campaign not only highlighted Bosch's superior engineering and design, but also established it as the ultimate choice for a complete, premium kitchen.

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