It's Time

Canon's "It's Time" campaign was a testament to the power of emotional marketing.


Case Study: Canon's "It's Time" Campaign


In the era preceding the smartphone photography revolution led by Apple, the point-and-shoot camera market was a fiercely contested battleground with Canon, Nike, and Panasonic vying for supremacy. The competition was intense, with each brand striving to outshine the others through technological advancements, ranging from megapixels to zoom capabilities and other features.

Despite Canon being a trusted name synonymous with high-quality products, it lagged in establishing an emotional connection with its consumers. The brand's communication was heavily tilted towards showcasing technical prowess, a strategy mirrored by its competitors.


To foster a deeper emotional connection with consumers by shifting the narrative from technical specifications to the emotional benefits derived from using Canon products.


Understanding the gap in the market, Canon embarked on a transformative journey with the "It's Time" campaign. The campaign was designed to remove the technical jargon that had become a staple in the industry's marketing playbook. Instead, it focused on evoking emotions and highlighting the joyous moments that could be captured with a Canon camera.


The "It's Time" campaign was a masterstroke in empathetic marketing. It leveraged a series of heartwarming narratives that resonated with a wide demographic of consumers. The advertisements showcased moments of joy, wonder, and family bonds, emphasizing the emotional payoff of capturing these moments with a Canon camera.

The campaign utilized a multi-channel approach, leveraging TV commercials, print advertisements, and digital platforms to reach a diverse audience. Storytelling was at the heart of the campaign, with each piece of content crafted to evoke a sense of nostalgia, joy, and the magic of capturing moments that matter.


The "It's Time" campaign marked a paradigm shift in the camera market's advertising landscape. It not only helped Canon forge a deeper connection with its consumers but also propelled the brand to a leadership position in the category.

  • Consumer Connection: The campaign struck a chord with consumers, fostering a deeper emotional connection and associating Canon with cherished memories and moments.
  • Market Leadership: By shifting the narrative from technical specifications to emotional benefits, Canon managed to capture and retain category leadership, standing out in a market saturated with technical jargon.
  • Brand Trust: The campaign reinforced the trust in Canon's high-quality products while adding a new dimension of emotional resonance to the brand image.


Canon's "It's Time" campaign was a testament to the power of emotional marketing. By moving away from the industry norm of technical jargon and focusing on the emotional benefits of capturing moments with a Canon camera, the brand not only fostered a deeper connection with consumers but also solidified its position as a market leader. The campaign demonstrated that in a world obsessed with specifications, there was a longing for real connections, and Canon successfully tapped into this sentiment, proving that indeed, "It's Time."

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