Let Your Taste Buds Travel the World

Different Day. Different Dish. No need to cook chicken on repeat!



Case Study


In a world where chicken is a primary source of protein, with Canadians consuming an average of 35.8 kilograms of poultry in 2021, a significant opportunity existed to encourage consumers to diversify their chicken dish repertoire. The Chicken Farmers of Canada seized this opportunity, launching a campaign to inspire Canadians to explore the rich diversity of chicken dishes available.


To break the cycle of Canadians relying on a handful of go-to chicken recipes and to encourage them to take advantage of the incredible diversity of meal options that chicken provides.


Leveraging insights from consumer research, the campaign was crafted to playfully highlight the incredible cultural diversity of chicken recipes, urging Canadians to break free from their routine chicken dishes. The strategy involved showcasing a myriad of options, playing on seasonal habits like beer-can chicken on the BBQ and oven roasts in the winter.


The campaign was brought to life through a series of commercials, showcasing a top-down perspective of common chicken dishes transitioning to a series of potential new dishes. The commercials were broadcasted nationally in both English and French, coupled with six-second cutdowns for social and digital platforms. The campaign directed viewers to visit Chicken.ca to explore a world of chicken recipes and to "let their taste buds travel the world."


The campaign was met with a warm reception, garnering endorsement from a diverse group of stakeholders, including producers and farmers. This collaborative endorsement led to a significant increase in traffic to the Chicken.ca website, a testament to the campaign's initial success in encouraging Canadians to diversify their chicken dish repertoire.

Looking forward, the campaign, which is intended to stretch over multiple years, will be meticulously assessed for its contribution to increasing the consumption of Canadian chicken in Canada. The Chicken Farmers of Canada and the Bob's Your Uncle agency anticipate a positive trajectory, with the campaign playing a pivotal role in enhancing the appreciation and consumption of diverse chicken dishes in the Canadian market.


The "Different Day. Different Dish" campaign successfully encouraged Canadians to step out of their chicken comfort zone, showcasing the rich diversity of chicken dishes and inspiring a culinary adventure through the world of chicken recipes. While the early indicators show a promising start, the true testament to its success will be seen in the coming years as it potentially fosters a new culture of chicken consumption in Canada, characterized by diversity, exploration, and a celebration of culinary richness.

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