Dialing up the crazy

We realized that for a challenger brand to break through, it had to be willing to flaunt its wild side. That’s why we positioned Dos Locos Lime Margarita as the official beverage of all those crazy, breathtaking, I-can’t-believe-we-got-away-with-that friendships.


Case Study: Partners in Lime


Dos Locos, a brand synonymous with fun, wild times, and genuine tequila, wanted to further cement its position in the market as the go-to drink for unforgettable moments with friends.

Consumer Insight

"When we're together, crazy things happen."

The Challenge

How do we bring the essence of Dos Locos to life, emphasizing the bond between friends and the unpredictable, fun moments they share?

The Solution

Introducing "Partners in Lime," a digital and socially focused campaign that animates the two iconic skeletons from the Dos Locos packaging. In a series of animated videos, these skeletons find themselves in hilarious situations, with one always being voted as "most likely..." - for instance, "most likely to be barred from speaking at your wedding."


The campaign was rolled out across various digital platforms, with a primary focus on social media. The animated videos were both humorous and relatable, resonating with the brand's target audience and emphasizing the bond of friendship and the unpredictable moments it brings.


  • Over 20 million impressions.
  • A significant 23% increase in volume.


The success of the "Partners in Lime" campaign underscores the profound impact of a well-articulated consumer insight. By tapping into the universal sentiment of camaraderie and spontaneous fun, Dos Locos was able to craft a narrative that resonated deeply with its audience. This approach serves as a testament to brands everywhere: when marketing strategies are rooted in genuine, relatable insights, they not only drive impressive metrics, but also foster a lasting connection with consumers.

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