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Rebranding Excellence: The EAS Campaign


EAS, a pioneer in sports supplements, had long been the go-to choice for professional athletes, dominating the market with its innovative products such as the first commercial creatine supplements. However, the evolution of the business into a myriad of uniquely branded products led to EAS becoming a house of brands, causing a fractured brand identity and a decline in market share amidst rising competition.


The primary goal was to restore the power of the EAS brand, transforming it back into a branded house of products, leveraging its legacy, and re-establishing market leadership.

  1. Leveraging Athlete Recognition:We built a campaign around world-renowned athletes, utilizing their nicknames or crafting new ones that highlighted their athletic prowess and reputation. This strategy aimed to foster a strong association between EAS and athletic excellence.
  2. Engaging Athlete Participation:The campaign’s popularity turned the tables; instead of EAS reaching out to athletes, they were approaching EAS, eager to be part of a movement that was the talk of the locker rooms.
  3. Unified Branding:By aligning each unique product under the overarching EAS brand, we aimed to present a united front, reinforcing the brand’s strength and heritage in the sports supplement industry.
  • Athlete-Centric Campaigns:High-profile athletes were featured in tailored campaigns, their nicknames and stories becoming synonymous with EAS’s commitment to excellence and performance.
  • Community Engagement:The buzz around the campaign was amplified through social media and community engagement, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty among both athletes and consumers.
  • Product Rebranding:Each product was meticulously rebranded to reflect the core values of EAS, ensuring consistency and unity across the product line.
  • Market Leadership:The campaign successfully restored EAS to its former glory, re-establishing its position as a market leader in the sports supplement industry.
  • Increased Brand Recognition:The unified branding and athlete association led to increased brand recognition and respect among consumers and athletes alike.
  • Acquisition by Abbott Laboratories:The revitalized brand and its regained market leadership caught the attention of global giant Abbott Laboratories, leading to a successful acquisition of EAS.

The EAS campaign stands as a testament to the power of unified branding and strategic athlete partnerships. By returning to a branded house of products and leveraging the reputation of world-class athletes, EAS not only regained market leadership but also secured a promising future through acquisition by Abbott Laboratories. This case study exemplifies how understanding and leveraging a brand’s heritage can be the key to overcoming competition and achieving long-term success.

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