Release your inner Viking

Release your inner Viking


Case Study: Faxe Beer's New Creative Campaign


Faxe Beer, a renowned Danish beer brand under Royal Unibrew, has a rich history dating back to 1901. The brand is synonymous with quality, strength, and a spirit of adventure, attributes inherited from Viking ancestors. With a diverse range of beers, Faxe has something for every taste and occasion, exporting to over 70 countries globally.


To redefine the brand's traditional focus on Viking heritage, steering it towards a 'modern Viking spirit' that celebrates the adventurous spirit of its drinkers, always eager for new experiences.


Leveraging the concept of breaking free from the monotonous corporate world, the campaign introduced a protagonist who escapes the confines of a boardroom, embodying the Viking spirit with the help of a large axe, a prominent element on the Faxe Beer can label. This strategy aimed to forge a strong brand identifier, resonating with both existing and potential customers.

Creative Execution

Developed by the creative agency Bob’s Your Uncle, the campaign utilized various media channels including connected television, digital platforms, and point-of-sale outlets. The narrative was brought to life through a video that vividly portrays the protagonist's journey from a constrained environment to a world of freedom and adventure, symbolizing the modern Viking spirit.


The campaign resonated strongly with Faxe Beer's existing customer base, while also attracting new drinkers drawn to the brand's adventurous ethos. The campaign leverages the rich Viking history and the modern spirit of adventure, promising a fresh and bold perspective for beer enthusiasts.

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