Making healthy eating mainstream

We dared to challenge the misconception meatless products could appeal to anyone but hippies. By positioning Gardein products not as meat replacements, but as healthy, nutritious options, we avoided the whole issue and swept countless North Americans off their meat.

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Case Study: Gardein's "Start a Healthy Relationship" Campaign


Gardein, a premium brand known for its fishless filets, beefless burgers, and other meatless alternatives, faced a challenge. While it had quickly become a favorite among vegetarians and environmentalists, the brand aimed to penetrate the mainstream market and appeal to a broader consumer base.


Transition Gardein from a niche premium brand to a mainstream choice for consumers looking to reduce their meat consumption.

Simple Truth

The insight was clear: "We're all eating less meat." While not everyone is ready to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, a significant number of consumers are actively trying to cut down on their meat intake. Gardein presented itself as the perfect solution, offering a delicious alternative that doesn't compromise on the traditional meat-eating experience.

Creative Strategy

"Start a Healthy Relationship" - The campaign's central message was that reducing meat consumption doesn't necessitate a complete lifestyle overhaul. Instead, it's about beginning a new, healthier relationship with food, starting with Gardein.

Campaign Highlights

  1. Digital Engagement: A sophisticated social media interface was developed, inviting consumers to "date" a Gardein product. This playful approach not only introduced the products but also fostered a deeper connection between the brand and its consumers.
  2. Experiential Rewards: Those who engaged in the "dating" experience stood a chance to win a unique "foodie-worthy" cooking session in California, guided by Gardein's celebrity chef. This provided an immersive brand experience and showcased the versatility and appeal of Gardein's products.
  3. Integrated Marketing: The "Start a Healthy Relationship" theme was consistently applied across digital and traditional advertising channels, social media platforms, and experiential marketing efforts, ensuring a cohesive brand message.


  1. Brand Evolution: The campaign introduced a fresh brand voice and vocabulary, which Gardein continues to refine and expand upon.
  2. Social Media Growth: Gardein witnessed a 30% surge in its fan base, coupled with heightened fan engagement, indicating a stronger brand-community connection.
  3. Sales Impact: The campaign translated into tangible business results, with Gardein experiencing significant sales growth in mainstream retail outlets.


Gardein's "Start a Healthy Relationship" campaign is a testament to the power of understanding consumer behavior and crafting a message that resonates. By acknowledging the gradual shift towards reduced meat consumption and presenting Gardein as an easy and delicious alternative, the brand successfully expanded its reach and appeal, proving that with the right strategy, niche brands can indeed go mainstream.

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