7 Stop Worthy Canadian Tik Tok Creators

Sarah Conway

We love working with Canadian food and beverage influencers and discovering new ones is a passion of ours. But the digital landscape has seen so many social media platforms come and go that it’s hard to guess which ones are here to stay. In the last few years, TikTok has shown the world exactly what a powerful audience reach tool it is, and the creators you find there have literally changed the way the world views things.  We’re happy to see that one such demographic taking TikTok – and by extension the world – by storm are Canadian food content creators. Bob’s Your Uncle has a fabulous list of seven up-and-coming and well-established food content and amazing chefs to share, and we can’t wait another delicious minute to do it. Let’s go!

Canadian TikTok Influencers to Watch

1. Kwokspots
TikTok @Kwokspots (225k+)

Kwoks spots

As soon as you open a kwokspots TikTok, you’re going to start drooling. The featured recipes range from simple but scrumptious air fryer Cajun wings to formal company-worthy rack of lamb and crispy salmon. His videos are beautiful shot with high-quality production value, and they always highlight the important thing: the food!

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2. EverythingDelish
TikTok @everything_delish (1.5M+)

Everything Delish

If you’re hungry, this account is only going to amplify that feeling. The food and recipes featured are easy to prepare using ingredients you probably already have in your pantry, and they’re put together with easy-to-follow steps. Nothing is hard and everything is delicious.  EverythingDelish’s Jamie Mine runs an account brimming with dishes you’ll want to pile plate high – and the woman knows her cheeses!

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3. TiffyCooks
TikTok @tiffycooks (1.2M+)


TiffyCooks TikTok account features some incredible Asian recipes that even well-seasoned gourmands may have missed in their travels. This colourful, fun Canadian food account will have you quickly making plans to hit up an international food grocery store because the recipes and food-inspo are too good to go unprepared. TiffyCooks is a welcoming place to visit for even novice cooks and a must-stop recipe destination for cultural appreciation!

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4. W2sixpackchef
TikTok @w2sixpackchef (640K)


The Sixpackchef is not only fit and fabulous – he’s also a lot of fun to watch. The foods and recipes featured on his stream look nothing like you’d expect from a health nut, and there is definitely something here for everyone. He’s also a standout for featuring some of his childhood cultural favourites, and we love that he doesn’t overlook the appeal of comfort foods – he just makes them healthier!

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5. GoldenGully
TikTok @GoldenGully (540k+)


As soon as you hear: “Let’s grab some mini marshmallows and a blow torch,” you’ll know this is an account you’ll be following. Specializing in tempting Pakistani foods, GoldenGully has us wishing more than ever for “smell-a-vision” on his TikTok foodie account. Something we especially appreciate about this account is how creator Bilal goes beyond the recipe to instruct audiences on how-to’s for actual individual ingredients, like his homemade green chili hot sauce and better-than-store-bought pickled ginger.

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6. KatherineWants
TikTok @katherinewants (395K)


We love this account’s simple premise: Katherine wants, Keith cooks (and beautifully, we might add!) The food and recipes on offer here are mouth-watering and made in the most approachable way, interspersed with simple tips to make your at-home version the easiest it can be. (Wrapping a spoon in cling-wrap for ease of “dolloping” is a definite game-changer.) Keith and Katherine are a fun couple to watch, and it’s safe to say: what Katherine wants, we want!

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7. Keith Pears
TikTok @keith_pears (10K)

Keith Pears

You’d expect great food content from Keith, who is currently in residence as Executive Chef with Delta Hotels brand’s flagship hotel the Marriott Toronto – and that’s exactly what you get. The AMSR alert Keith tags his videos with is no joke; this account is a truly sensory experience. From the “I-can-almost-smell-it” melted, gooey cheese on his homemade pizza to the captivating way foods bake, roast, and boil while converting from raw to delicious, this TikTok creator brings food to serve all your desires. This account is both visually mesmerizing and informative and you will only leave it to head to the kitchen yourself.

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The Canadian food and beverage industry is robust and thriving, and social media creators drive a lot of that momentum. Consumers will always want to prepare and serve meals that bring smiles to the faces of their families, and thanks to TikTok food creators like those above, there’s a lot of great content to help them do so.

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