8 Canadian Food Influencers We Love to Follow

Our top picks for who you should be following right now

Cora Brady

We live and breathe all things food here at BYU. Skimming food porn on Instagram, #foodtrend chats on Twitter, watching hours of How to Cake It on YouTube. Truth be told, it’s all just a part of the job over here. While there are many, many incredible food influencers in the Canadian market, we wanted to take a moment to share our top picks for who you should be following right now.

1. @CanadaCulinary  (Rebecca Mackenzie)

Screenshot of Rebecca Mackenzie's twitter account

Eating local, food tourism and “taste of place” are all trends we continue to see throughout the industry and Rebecca Mackenzie is a driving force behind it here in Canada. As the CEO of Ontario Culinary and Senior Consultant of Grow Food Tourism, Rebecca has helped develop award-winning programs including Prince Edward County’s Taste Trail and CTA’s Feast On. You can find her on Twitter sharing the latest trends, food tourism events or even recommendations on where to get the best burger in Ontario.

2. @Suresh (Suresh Doss)

Screenshot of Suresh Doss' twitter account

Whether it’s hosting events, consulting, speaking or creating content, Suresh Doss is helping Torontonians discover new foods and uncovering local joints worth trying. Starting this spring, Doss stars in Culinary Suburbia – an exploration of cultural pockets throughout the GTA and the incredible cuisine it has to offer. He’s essentially our very own version of “You Gotta Eat Here!”, uncovering everything worth discovering on a local level.

3. @OhSheGlows (Angela Liddon)

Angela Liddon's Instagram account

With over a million followers on social media, we’re not sure any foodie must-follow list would be complete without @OhSheGlows. From blog to cookbooks to apps, Angela Liddon has taken her vegan recipes to the masses. She’s a Canadian success story, especially when it comes to social media, having grown a loyal following all over the world. She makes quinoa, kale and chia come to life in drool-worthy recipes.

4. EatWithJessie  (Jessica Emin)

Jessica Emin's Instagram account

Photographer, food stylist and writer Jessica Emin has been delighting her followers for years with her incredible eye for deliciousness. This Halifax-based influencer brings an east coast flare to a lot of her content – highlighting the incredible food and wine scene out East.

5. JoCooks (Joanna Cismaru)

Jo Cook logos

A favourite of busy moms across the country, JoCooks brings quick-to-make recipes that don’t require you to search for unique ingredients at your local grocery store (no Acerola or Boletes found here!). Joanna is also the author of “30 Minute One Pot Meals” and has one of the best brownie recipes we’ve tasted. She has over 125k followers on Instagram and a knack for bringing branded food content to life.

6. Fidel Gastro’s – (Matt Basile)

Fidel Gastro's Instagram account

We’re big believers in having a niche, especially when it comes to content. Matt Basile, CEO/Chef at Fidel Gastro’s seems to share the same outlook. His niche? All things street food. Matt operates one of Canada’s most recognizable food trucks and a street-food inspired cicchetti bar, Lisa Marie. He’s the bestselling author of two cookbooks: Street Food Diaries and most recently Brunch Life. Online you can find him everywhere – from creating branded content to hosting YouTube cooking shows like Chefs in Cars Getting Takeout.

7. The Domestic Geek (Sara Lynn Cauchon)

Domestic Geek's Instagram account

With her fresh, fuss-free approach to cooking it’s no surprise that Sara Lynn has grown her YouTube following to over 1.4MM subscribers in just a few years’ time. Her approach to meal-prep ideas has been a saviour to many a working parent who needs to get dinner on the table in a snap. You can find Sara delivering her helpful food know-how across social media and through her many TV guest appearances (Dr Oz, The Social).

8. How to Cake it (Yolana Gampp)

How to Cake It's YouTube account

Who knew baking cakes could turn in to must-watch content? Yolanda Gampp, from How to Cake It, knew how to take her cake construction talent and turn it into a brand of its own. Her #howtocakeit concept has extended beyond social content to books, online events and even her own line of products sold through her ecommerce store. She’s collaborated with brands throughout the years including Fingerlings, Google and Cadbury.

There’s no shortage of incredible Canadian talent cooking up great content across social media. Be sure to check back next month as we continue to highlight some of our favourites.

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