Who Cares

A Culture of Caring: Redefining Agency Life

Bob Froese

Last week, as I delved into the criteria for the Ad AgeSmall Agency Awards, I was struck by the diversity of accolades—from the best campaign creativity to the smartest strategy implementations. However, it was after our 'Finish Friday' meeting—a weekly ritual where team members share one of our values they lived that week, and shout out a team member for a value they lived —that one category resonated deeply with me: 'best agency culture'.

So, what does 'best agency culture' mean? It goes beyond ping pong tables and free beer. It's about creating an environment where people feel genuinely fulfilled. And when asked, "What does your agency do to foster such an environment?" My immediate, albeit cheeky response was,"WHO CARES". Of course, we care—deeply—about our clients, about each other, and about producing exceptional work.

This commitment is boldly proclaimed right on our web site and leads most of our conversations, whether they are strategic or creative.We've even crystallized this ethos in our very own 'Who Cares' Easy Button.This isn't just a novelty item; it's a functional symbol of our commitment.Anyone, whether a client or team member, can press it anytime they feel the conversation isn't focusing on what truly matters.

This approach has transformed our agency culture into a thriving hub where passion is the cornerstone of innovation and collaboration.We've seen firsthand how a culture built on genuine care and interest can not only enhance creativity but also nurture a supportive and engaging workplace.

As agencies, we must constantly ask ourselves:

  • How can we create an environment that not only invites creative ideas but also supports the well-being of     everyone involved?
  • What steps can we take to ensure that our actions and words consistently align with our core values?
  • In what ways can we continue to innovate our culture to meet the evolving needs of our team and clients?

By fostering a culture that prioritizes care, we not only enhance our work but also contribute to amore meaningful and supportive industry. Let’s continue to challenge the norms and build environments where everyone feels valued and heard. Here's to cultivating a culture where everyone cares, profoundly and consistently.



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