A Love Letter to Second Harvest: Champions in the Fight Against Food Waste

Bob Froese

A Love Letter to Second Harvest: Champions in the Fight Against Food Waste

Last night, as I sat in the annual general meeting of Second Harvest, I couldn't help but be swept away by a wave of admiration and gratitude. This post is an unabashed love letter to Lori Nikkel and her incredible team at Second Harvest, who are not just fighting the good fight against food waste but are winning it, one strategic goal at a time.

Growing up, the mantra at our dinner table was simple yet profound: finish your plate, don't take more than you can eat, and always be grateful. The parental admonishment, "there are children in Africa who are starving," was a common refrain. But today, the tragedy of hunger isn't just a distant problem; it's right here in Canada, growing exponentially every year.

Under the fierce and visionary leadership of Lori Nikkel, Second Harvest has blossomed into Canada's largest food rescue organization. Their impact isn't just national; it's global. Lori believes, and I agree wholeheartedly, that the food waste problem is solvable – and solvable quickly – with the right resources, policy and system changes.

While we, as a nation, waste nearly 60% of all the food we produce, over 5 million Canadians struggle to feed their families. This stark contrast is not just a statistic; it's a call to action. Second Harvest isn't just meeting their strategic goals; they're surpassing them, often achieving their 3-year objectives within the first year.

It's hard to encapsulate the impact and accomplishments of Second Harvest in a single post. Their annual report, however, does a phenomenal job. It's an inspiring read, not just for those who are already passionate about this cause but for anyone who's ready to start giving a damn.

So here's to Lori and her team at Second Harvest – true heroes in the fight against food waste and hunger. Your work is not just important; it's essential. And for the rest of us, let's take a page from their book and do our part in this crucial battle. Because those starving children aren't just in a far-off land; they're here, in our backyard, and they need us now more than ever.


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