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Some of the Best (and Most Diverse) Canadian Food and Lifestyle Influencers Going

Cora Brady

While “Lifestyle Influencer” has quickly become a catch-all term for online content creators, we think staying focused on those who truly capture their daily life – from soup to nuts, so to speak – are the ones who generally offer up the best mix of content related to fashion, travel, culture, food/drink, and decor. At Bob’s Your Uncle, we’re always watching what’s happening in the food and drink influencer space, and that includes following creators whose content is broader than “just food.” But rest assured, to make it on our influencer list, a passion for food and drink must be part of your life and your content and we need to see it shine. Here’s a glimpse of some of the best and most diverse Canadian lifestyle influencers we’re loving right now:

Canadian Lifestyle Influencers to Watch

1. Katie Cung

Katie Cung
Katie Kung Social Feed

Katie’s take on life can be summed up easily: it’s simple, clean, and breathtakingly gorgeous. Her classically styled Montreal home is a representation of her feed and her 70K-plus followers have come to enjoy her timeless approach to anything she takes on. She navigates the line between a time-forgotten and the “now,” making her audience feel like we’re currently living in better days. It’s a hard feat, but Katie does it beautifully. We love her for her beauty, fashion, and décor content, not to mention her simple but sophisticated ways of positioning food and recipes on her gorgeously curated feeds. Plus, she has amazing Montreal restaurant  recommendations for any budget or palate!

2. Ashkan Hobian

Ashkan Hobian
Ashkan Hobian social feed

Ashkan manages something seemingly impossible in his Instagram feed: he blends traditional charm and aesthetic with modern thinking. What culminates here is quite simply one of the most stunning Instagram channels we’ve seen in some time, and we know his 90K followers agree! He’s sophisticated but never stuffy, and his Toronto-based feed easily goes from Walmart to premium whisky – and it works. (We’re calling out his Toronto home base here because his photos will definitely having your thinking Europe!) While visually stunning, this photographic storyteller succeeds at getting attention from all our senses.

3. Kelsi Hamilton

Kelsi Hamilton
Kelsi Hamilton social feed

We don’t know how Kelsi does it! She’s parenting active young twins and still turns out consistently creative content on her Instagram and blog. A former pro-athlete, Kelsi talks health in all forms and doesn’t shy away from conversations about mental health, self-care, and embracing diversity. She’s bright and fun, and her feed is a shining example of how living a good life can take many forms – so long as it includes fabulous food and drink.

4. Lisa Colalillo

Lisa Colalillo
Lisa Colalillo social feed

Lisa Colalillo is such a bright pop of energy and colour in our feeds that we cannot stop recommending her to those looking for upbeat real life parenting lifestyle content. She tells it like it is, but in a way that keeps us nodding along and laughing no matter the subject matter, which spans home, work, food and drink, and modern mom-ing. She’s also a busy real estate agent and she’s been featured as property expert in HGTV Canada’s Critical Listing as well as in The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, Toronto Life Magazine, City Life Magazine, and others. Lisa’s humourous videos about thriving in the suburbs is unique and fun in a way that is never “just suburban.”

5. Flora Law

Flora Law
Flora Law social feed reads and looks like a gorgeous magazine spread, and it’s full of the best fashion, lifestyle, food and drink content we’ve seen. Based in Vancouver, Flora captures a laid back west-coast feel, but she pairs it with aspiration and passion. The result? A cool, chic vibe that we could all use more of right now. While you’re there, a “not to be missed” feature on this site are Flora’s fabulous gin cocktail recipes.

6. Joelle

Joelle social feed

The scenery and sights on Joelle’s Instagram feed will hook you instantly – and that’s before you even get to the food! She’s a raw vegan baker and chef who can do things with ingredients those without the limits of living in a van could hardly manage. (Yes! She lives in her gorgeous modified van and she’s lovin’ it!) There’s no way to aptly describe the beauty of her baking creations without having a peek yourself. Who’d have thought photos of the stunning British Columbian landscape could be challenged by incredible raw confections? But no need to make the choice between them here, as Joelle serves up both in ample portions.

7. Megan

Megan social feed

Megan calls her style “the neutral home” but left to us, we’d call it simply stunning. It’s easy to lose track of time in her gorgeous photos, and her IG story collection of coffee pours is a fun, light-hearted way to celebrate a daily ritual with the reverence it deserves! But that’s how Megan approaches life, and shows us how to as well, by showcasing gorgeous backdrops where the décor stays stylish and neural so that the people, food, and drink can shine. Her IG and Pinterest recipes are classics gone modern, but still manage to keep comfort and coziness at their heart. Hygge abound!

8. Matt Benfield

Matt Benfield
Matt Benfield social media feed

“Mr. Benfield” has an audience of over 100K followers on his Instagram channel – and he has a smile posted for every single one! His rapidly-growing group followers loves Matt for the same reasons we do, namely his sunny and optimistic approach to all he does in food, drink, pets, and personal care. You can’t help but feel the “fun” in his shares of daily life in downtown Toronto with partner Omar, loyal sidekick pup Yvie, and his forest of gorgeous house plants. Matt’s feed is a definite (and much-needed) “positivity follow” and his co-owned Tiktok with Omar has over 500K followers worldwide.

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