Intergenerational Ingenuity: The New Creative Frontier

Bob Froese
Intergenerational Ingenuity: The New Creative Frontier


Recently, I found myself reflecting on a question posed during a podcast: "Why did you start your own agency?" The truth is, my youthful enthusiasm for agency life was shadowed by a realization: the industry seemed to favor the young, leaving the more experienced seemingly less content. This sparked my entrepreneurial spirit, leading me to create a space where longevity and creativity could flourish together.


This journey has not only been about nurturing my own agency but also about embracing the diverse strengths that come with different generations. Our industry is often criticized for ageism, yet I've witnessed firsthand the unparalleled creativity and insight that come from a team that spans a wide age range. My senior creative team, boasting two decades with us, continues to deliver exceptional work, proving that creativity knows no age limit.


Our recent collaboration with Humber College's advertising program's graduating class was a testament to this. Tasked with a campaign, these young creatives brought forward ideas that were as varied as they were vibrant – from the wildly imaginative to the deeply thoughtful. This experience was a powerful reminder of the magic that happens when we combine the fearless innovation of youth with the seasoned wisdom of experience.


As we navigate the complexities of the creative industry, here are three questions to consider:


1.     How can we foster an environment where the fresh perspectives of new talent and the seasoned insights of experienced professionals coalesce to create something truly ground-breaking?

2.     In what ways can we challenge the industry norms to ensure that creativity and innovation are not just preserved but celebrated at every age?

3.     How can we leverage the unique strengths of different generations to address the evolving needs and challenges of our clients and their audiences?


The power of intergenerational thinking lies in its ability to unite diverse perspectives for the best possible outcomes. Here's to breaking down the barriers and building a more inclusive, innovative future in our industry.

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