Lifestyle Influencers We’re Loving This Season

Cora Brady

“Lifestyle Influencer” has become a catch-all label for online content creators focused on capturing their daily life – usually with a mix of content related to fashion, travel, culture, food and decor. At Bob’s Your Uncle, we keep our eye on what’s happening in the food influencer space and that includes influencers whose content is broader than “just food”. But rest assured, to make it on our influencer list, a passion for food and drink must be part of your life and your content. Below, we highlight the Canadian lifestyle influencers we’re loving right now.

1. Ashlyn Eliza

Roam with Ash

Ashlyn is a professional content creator focused on telling the stories of local restaurants, bars and hotels. Given her expertise, it’s no surprise that Ashlyn brings a premium, authentic approach to her own content through Roam with Ash – her online brand dedicated to travel, food and lifestyle. Her food content captures her perspective on the best places to grab a bite locally and while on the road.

2. House of Kerrs:

House of Kerrs

Sonya is a Canadian blogger from Toronto and a mother of four. Through her blog, guest writing placements and multiple social media channels, she covers everything from style and travel to family life and recipes, making her a true lifestyle influencer. Her food content focuses on family-friendly recipes shared throughout her social platforms.

3. Alyssa Garrison

Random Acts of Pastel

What started out as a passion project to bring a bit more delight to the world around her soon evolved into what is now Random Acts of Pastel (RAOP). Through RAOP, Alyssa Garrison brings her rose-coloured glasses approach to fashion, décor, travel and especially food. With a focus on sweets and snacks (with a dash of wholesome goodness), Alyssa brings her glittery, colourful approach to her food photography – it’s the perfect feed for those looking for drool-worthy edible delights!

4. Anna Argiropoulos

Anna with Love

Anna, a mamma of two, runs Anna With Love – a stunning creative diary of her life, style and travels around the world through her blog and Instagram channel. Based in Toronto, Anna shares her love of “sprinkling the special on everyday moments” through content that covers food, travel, photography and style. It’s creative, colourful, inspirational and full of joy. And we love that she fills our feed with this energy!

5. Candace Sampson

Life in Pleasantville

Ottawa-based influencer, Candace, is the mom of two teenage girls. She chronicles her travels and daily life through her popular website Life in Pleasantville and through guest appearances with multiple radio and television programs. Whether you’re hosting a BBQ or looking for a delightful sangria recipe, Candace has an approach to food that is the perfect combination of “makeable” and “inspirational”. Plus, it often comes with the recommendation of a wine or a cocktail pairing.

6. Dorrington Reid


At times, when it comes to delivering content, less is more. This is something Dorrington excels at. Dorrington, a photographer who claims to be “just a guy with an iPhone” captures his life in Toronto through earth-toned photography (complete with his home plants!). Pristine and perfect, his shots reflect his dedication to using minimalistic techniques to capture his striking images. Dorrington not only covers lifestyle, food and travel, he does so with impeccable simplicity.

7. Lindsey Oele


Based in Edmonton, Lindsey Oele is the face behind Lindsey Listed, her online space where she curates her favourite products and provides discount offers to her followers.  Her Instagram page features a series of personal pictures taken in everyday locations but charged with her eclectic style. From healthy snack options to indulgent cheesecake, Lindsey seamlessly incorporates her balanced approach to food throughout her content – making her a great partner for health-focused brands.

8. Justine Celina

Justine Celina

As the seasons change, so does the colour palette of Justine Celina’s content. It’s subtle and something you only notice as her content builds over time, but it speaks to the level of thought and creativity Justine puts into her craft. As a lifestyle influencer, Justine shares her passion for flowers, food, music and fashion through her blog, Instagram and Pinterest accounts (check out the colour blocking over there!).

9.     Amy & Shaun

Milk and Coco

Bringing a more family-focused approach to the term “lifestyle influencer” are online personalities Amy and Shaun from Milk and Coco.  This suburban living, mini-van driving duo bring both their voices to their online platforms, giving us a “he-said, she-said” view of their daily life. With two young kids in their house, their food content is focused on easy and family-friendly recipe ideas. We love that every Thursday night Amy & Shaun go live on Facebook to chat and discuss new topics – it’s always a lot of fun!

We keep a pretty close eye on what’s influential in food and beverage throughout North America, including the influencers who are talking about and sharing food content through social media. Food is a huge part of our lives which is why it’s often an important pillar of content for today’s lifestyle influencers. We’ve shared a snapshot of who we’re following in this space – be sure to check back as we continue to highlight our favourites.

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